Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Night In Bangkok

Felt so hungry since I had my last meal about 5 hours ago inside the plane, so after meet up with Riverbird (just finished working) we headed to our first destination Suan-Lum Night Bazaar at Pathuwan district. This place is huge and you can find lots of souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes, bags and many more.

I'm not coming here for shopping but for dinner at this restaurant called "Relax". I found this restaurant in Thailand's Leading Guide book and wish to give it a try. :)

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor

The signboard was obstructed by bushes
It's time for grooming :)

I like the ambiance of the restaurant

View from 2nd floor

We are starving. We ordered and waiting anxiously for our Thai food.

Thai coconut

We are really impressed by the speed the food was served and the food tasted superb delicious....

Tom Yum Kong
Thai spicy and sour soup with prawns

Yum Mar Mour

Mango Salad

Pat Thai
rice noodle stir-fry with a choice of meat, peanut and spring onions

Gang Kiew Wan Kai
Chicken Green Curry with Round Eggplant

Khao Pad Sapparot
Thai's Pineapple Rice

Khao Neao Mamung Mango and sticky rice.

Total price for the dinner: 800baht

Thai Sea Food & International

Suanlum Night Bazaar, Zone C4, Terrace 2nd F1,

Rama IV Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330


We headed to Chinatown after the dinner.
Passed by food courts and beer gardens with live band music performance.

Beer Garden

Food Courts

Live Band

Chinatown located on Yaowarat Rd. It is very convenient to get there. Take the MRT subway from Lumpini Station to Hua Lam Phong Station which cost 30 Baht one way.

from Lumpini station

to Hua Lam Phong station

30 baht per way

From Hua Lam Phong station, we decided to use "Tuk Tuk" (three-wheeled vehicles) to Chinatown. After a crazy and horrifying 10 minutes ride, we reached our destination.



Chinatown, a well-known food paradise at night. It is one of the best places in town to taste street food such as a-la carte sea-food, noodle dishes.There also have many stalls along the street selling bird nests, shark fins soup and seafood. We didn't try any food here because our stomach still full. I only tried the birdnest dessert for 100baht.

Bangkok Chinatown

Birdnests stall

Birdnest dessert 100Baht

After hanging around, the night is still young and we decided to hang out at Khoa san Road night life. We took meter taxi and cost us 70baht only. Khoa San Road is well known as a backpacker street which becomes a walking street at night.

Khao San Road Nightlife
Centre of the backpacking universe

Street food vendors selling everything from fruit to drinks, countless budget guesthouses and hotels, internet cafes, restaurants, massage, pubs bars, disco clubs, tattoo shops and many more.

Guess what??
Dare to try?

packed with costumers.

Pub set under the canopy and everyone
sit by the road on plastic stools

-_-'' Susie, when u own this street??


single eyelid said...

lao nua many foods..

MooNkitty said...

haha.. let's plan a trip to Bangkok again... the original Thai food there is superb!!!