Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Married

Last Saturday, 13 June 2009, I was invited to attend my best friend wedding dinner at Seremban. It was held at the Lucky Palace Restaurant, Seremban 2.

Tuxedo dress from PLAY Boutique, Tmn Conought (Old dress)

Camwhore with my RM10 ring from Bali

Louise and her husband come all the way from Cheras to pick me up and here the journey begin... We are listening to the Chinese New Year songs in the car until we reached our destination. -________-''

Congratulation to the most blissful bride is our childhood friend, Annie Wong.

The bride, Annie Wong

Our table No 13

Louise and me before the dinner start

while waiting the dinner to start... Louise act cute like baby Yao

The wedding cake is a must in the wedding dinner

Friends and relatives

The wedding dinner begin with bride and groom arrival
-_-'' only managed to snap the back cause they walk like flying

1st dish: Assorted Cold Dish

2nd dish: My favorite, Shark fin soup
3 mangkuk for me *shy*

3rd dish: Steamed fish

4th dish: Lemon chicken gua..

5th dish: Roasted duck

6th dish: Butter honey prawn *2 thumb up*

I'm getting expert in peeling prawn skins.. :)

7th dish: baby kailan, mushroom with soya bean gluten

8th dish: Sticky rice (luo mee fan)

9th dish: Muochi with Chinese pancake

10th dish: longan dessert

Nice red wine... sweet and smooth
almost wanna ask for da pao -_-''

Childhood friends : Annie Wong (bride), me, Louise and Zane (absent)

Group photo: Annie Wong, me, Louise and Ah Chai

Another group photo: Ivan, Annie Wong, me, Louise and Ah Chai

Cake cutting

Pouring the champagne

Champagne toast

Yam seng!!!

Don't play play...bottom up pls

Annie Wong's mom, isn't she pretty with the sweet smiling face

My wife is gangster 4

Pictures from "Just Married Bridal"

Nice wedding album from "Just Married Bridal"

Photographer from "Just Married Bridal" Steve Long

Elegant wedding car

I managed to surprise her by presenting my own make slide show pictures from our childhood time til now during her wedding dinner. :)

Don't forget to keep your youth and your golden heart, to sleep well and to keep in mind that you have friends! Lastly, I wish you both god-speed and life full of joy! Congratulations on your wedding day!


Winnie said...

finally u manage to present ur video during annie's wedding ya. she menangis or not?

MooNkitty said...

Hahaha.. somemore suprise. Didnt see any single of eyedrops... but guess need to ask her personally.:)