Thursday, June 11, 2009

King For A Day!!!

Happy Buttday to 2 birthday boys, Eddie Chew & Ah Tan.

Going to write 2 section for today birthday boy!!

First to Eddie Chew, my brother in law *awww jatuh saham liao*

Happy 27th birthday to you...
You are more than A brother-in-law to me
The word doesn't describe
The man I see You make the "in-law"
Part drop away For you, brother is
A better word to say A brother-in-law
Any man can be
But your value to our family
Means much more to us...

Almost vomiting after finish the words -_____-''

Please *sayang* my sister, Winnie more k??

OK! Another birthday boy, Ah Tan my best friend since Uni time (9 years friendship), stay next taman to my apartment but seldom meet lately :P

A little reminder to show that I care,
A few thoughts in my mind, openly share.
Where should I begin, before raindrops appear?
Has it already been another beautiful year?

A true friend is hard to find,
Someone who is always kind.

Words of advice; freely share,

Helping hand, always spare.

Birthday greetings, from my heart,

Happy birthday, our precious friend.

Ok guys... this birthday greeting I'm sending on your way to let you guys know " Happy Birthday" and I declare two of you "KING FOR THE DAY" :)

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