Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sio bak zhang Oh My sio bak zhang....

28 May 2009, the funniest dumpling festival in my life.

I'm working day shift that day from 12pm-12am. At first I almost forgot that day is Dumpling Festival... until I received the earliest "Duan Wu Jie" sms from Michelle and make me craving want to eat rice dumpling (Bak Zhang in hokkein language).

Mis Pipo not at home for the moment (dibuang negeri ke Kuching Sarawak) can't ask any help from her... so I smsed my brother...useless one. No any single reply from him. Thinking my sister's friend Susie Chieng (she staying at my house for temporary while doing her practical training) so I smsed her asking a favour to buy me Bak zhang. Then she replied me OK! :) So happy thinking after reach home from work I can enjoy my late Bak Zhang celebration.

2 hours after that, I received her sms. Guys... do you know what she wrote to me?

"Is it you ask me to buy belacan? I oredi bought the belacan for you."

OMG!!! I ask her to buy me Bak zhang but she go and get the belacan for me. I can’t hold myself from keep laughing (although I'm alone in the studio) and I straight away call my sister on the spot. She also beh tahan and keep laughing.

Cannot blame her for the misunderstanding cause I'm wrongly spell Bak Zhang in the sms...which I typed "Bacang"... and some more she is not Hokkein.

At the end of the story, she forgot to bring back the belacan and left it at mamak after dinner. *faint* Sure she phobia with ba zhang now T_________T

Until now whenever I'm thinking of it, I will laugh myself. Siao!!!

Anyway, she bought for me 2 rice dumplings from PJ on 7th June 2009. Thanks Susie for making my "Dumpling Festival 2009" so meaningful.
I won’t forget about it. :)

^____^ anyway my mom bak zhang still the best* 2 thumb up!!

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MiSS_PipO said...

tat's my best friend and ji mui..wahaha. susie mmg lucu..