Monday, June 15, 2009

quack...quack...quack...Spicy duck tongues from China

I totally forgot about it... maybe side effect from the accident impact :P

Last two weeks, Riverbird come back from Shanghai and bought me a packet of spicy duck tongues, one of my favorite snack.
When I saw it, I only remember that I asked his help to get it for me from China.

Last few years ago, I still can get it from Mid Valley with quite expensive price. But now no more. :(

Spicy duck tongues with 48 spice seasoning

The duck tongue are packed in a foil pouch to keep
the treats fresh
and delicious for a long time

This is what a spiced duck tongue looks
like right out of the package

pop the whole thing into my mouth

then slide the two pin bones out between your teeth,
removing the meat

I finished 20 packets less than one day

Anyone coming back from China, please help me buy the duck tongues..... T________T


MiSS_PipO said...

mengade.. tinggal sikit utk i rasa juga bah~

MooNkitty said...

nikmat betul rasanya... tanpa disedari I oredi finish all... sorry lor