Friday, June 19, 2009

Sawasdi everyone

18 June 2009, it's already 8.30am and I'm still struggling hard to wake up. Immediately jumped off from my bed after thinking that I'm going to take the public transport to KLIA airport. I don't want to be late to airport and miss my flight to Bangkok.

I'm going to Bangkok alone and I plan to use public transport to KLIA airport because the cost are much more cheaper than cab which cost me RM58.00. Unless there are four passenger and the fee can be divided by 4 so each person RM12 only. Not "kiam siap" but not worth it.

And woohooo... This is my first experience using public transport to airport. So I'm so excited to share it with u guys!!!!!

My puffy eyes due to too much orange juice T_____T

9.30am: My bro send me to KTM using his bike
Fee: FOC

So long I never use commuter anymore, almost 5 years

Have to cross overhead bridge to the next platform
Take the commuter that heading to Rawang

Bought ticket to Bandar Tasik Selatan
Ticket: RM1.80

Kajang - Serdang- Bandar Tasik Selatan

10:10am Inside the commuter

10:25am Reached destination and heading to KLIA transit ERL

Ekspress Rail Link (ERL)
Journey to KLIA will take only 20 mins

Ticket to KLIA RM26.50

WTH...the escalator was not functioning and I'm super lazy girl
No stairs pls...

GOD BLESS ME and send me GF to help me out :)

Signboard to KLIA platform

so spooky waiting with 2 more other passengers here T____T

ERL express arrive every 15 mins


so empty... maybe the price for the ticket still high and more choice go to bus?

camwhoring alone in the train

my backpack and handbag got their own seat also :P
i know it's wrong doing this but who ask the train so empty

11:00am reached KLIA Aiport
( deduct 5 mins cause I set my watch 5 mins earlier)
Total cost for the journey to KLIA = RM28.30 isn't it cheap?

A H1N1 information banner can be seen everywhere in the airport

Malaysia Rainforest wildlife replica
*beware! some suprise will entertain you when u passing by*

Check in at 11.20am
Woohooo... I still got time to lingering around the airport

Prepare myself some protection before walking around the airport
* only few peoples using the face mask*

MH 788

So empty.
Excluded business class total for
economy class only around 20 peoples

scare of A H1N1 at bangkok???

The steward ask me to sit anywhere I like
when I'm looking for my seat number

some refreshment tissue to wipe
anywhere u like before boarding

No choice for other meal set.
The only choice "Nasi Beriani"

2 thumb up for the "Nasi Beriani" sedap tau!!

sapu sampai licin

Kuih ini pun sedap especially when u dipped it with the creamy milk

yummy guava juice

and so sweet Ferrero Rocher chocolate

ended my meal with a coffee :)

quickly fill up the questionnaire form for A H1N1

and drop it into the box upon your arrival

such a nice weather

It's time for a short nap

awake by landing announcement
When I opened up my eyes... finally I reached Bangkok
Gosh... I sleep like a pig and kind of worry "did I snore just now?

The weather is so clear and wondering why
my hp forecast result are like this?

Updated by me on 17 June 2009

14:29 PM (Msia time) safely landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport
Most of the peoples at Bangkok airport are wearing
face mask compare to Malaysia airport.

Bangkok is 1 hour behind Malaysian time

Every passenger need to go through the termo scan

Bought Thai prepaid card for 990bath only

waiting for the hotel shuttle van

on the way to Nawarat Resort and Serviced Apartment
* One funny thing about this hotel is in the hotel general facilities they mentioned *
"Gay Friendly" :)

The superior double room
Only 800bath per night
Near to Suvarnabhumi airport but far from city

View from the balcony -__-''
what u can expect for 800bath room?

Chao Phraya River view?

Stay tuned
will be back with more funs!!

My God, it's already 11am (bangkok time) and I need prepare to check out from this hotel. Haven't call up taxi yet to pick me up. Anyway I'm moving to Boiyoke Boutique hotel located at Pratunam and near to shopping area.

Hopefully today no raining no thunderstorms...

La Korn everyone (
which means Goodbye in Thai.)


single eyelid said...

hey..u look so beautiful... ur eyes is catching me!!

u online at cc?

MooNkitty said...

No.. online in Nawarat Hotel before check out.