Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cuti Cuti Tanjung Sepat

15 August 2009, my parent arrived at LCCT airport. So happy to see both of them =)

They brought me my favourite Laksa Sarawak and Sarikei the most delicious veggie buns. I'm enjoying so much especially Laksa Sarawak and my mom's coffee.

7 packets with plenty belacan =)

Veggie bun with soya sauce

After dinner, I need to work again till morning. "Sien". Reached home the next day around 6am and wanna take a short nap before going to Tanjung Sepat with my family. Went into my room, WTH!!! 3 musketeer sleeping on my bed covering themselves with my comforter. What to do...dragging myself out from my room and sleeping in the living room. And my mom keep talking with me while watching her favorite channel Hua Hee Dai and it's 6am in the early morning.. 6am!! Arghh...........

Anyway, the journey to Tanjung Sepat was awesome. We stopped by Sepang Gold Coast before heading to Tanjung Sepat. It's located nearby the Sepang Area, Bagan Lalang.

All together 2 cars
turn right to Bagan Lalang

Still in development stage

enjoying yew char kway that my mom da pao from house

my family
*excluded Babyfat*

Moonkitty manja'ing with daddy mummy

Piggy with her Doraemon flip flap solar

Lilian got her new buddy Mr.froggy flip flap
in her new car for RM10

Miss Lilian with her new VIOS..
*wonder how Mr. Froggy now in her car?*

What is so nice about Tanjung Sepat? Check out the photos then you will know =)

1. Our first destination, Tapioca factory.

Welcome to Tapioca factory

how to process TAPIOCA into fried tapioca

Fried tapioca, tea, pure honey and tomyam products for sell

Bought a lots fried tapioca products
chips.. chips...

cool him down with lotsa ice cream before he mogok

after cool down, rajinnya study the map for the next destination

2. Second destination, Seafood factory

specialize in fish ball processing

we can see how the they process the fish ball here

Fish paste

Fish ball maker machine

The worker was making some fishballs from fish paste + minced meat

trays full with fishball

Deep fried Fu-Chuk

Fried fishballs ready to be eaten

packed fish balls products for sell

RM5.00 per packet

Enjoying fresh fried fishball

3. Third destination, local steamed buns

New Hai Yew Heng shop
* serving the best Hainanese steamed bun in Tanjung Sepat*

And this the old Hai Yew Heng
*you can buy the buns and have it here*

Modern machinery to help out but the pau are still wrapped manually

Hot steamed buns just out from oven

Hot selling!! Come on and grab it fast!!

Hong Kong food channel been here

Shen Rou Bao (RM2.00 each)

meat steamed buns

and kaya steamed bun (RM1.10 each)

A bit disappointed when we heard "Mei Cai Bao"( the famous one) sold out.

crunchy Yam Fritters

drinking fresh ampulla juice drink with preserved plum added

In case needed for booking

Hai Yew Heng,
Address: 405, Jalan Pasar (opposite the new food court),
Tel: 03-3197 4144 / 019-643 604

4. Forth destination, local Hainanese Roasted Coffee

Joo Fat Trading with simple signage

green coffee beans

Coffee processing machines & equipments

sorting out the coffee beans before roasting

Drying process

Freshly brewed Kopi-O for us

Nice and smell good

we bought 5 packets home

5. Last destination, Ganofarm Factory

Welcome to Ganofarm Factory

varieties of mushroom

Oyster mushrooms

this is how unripe Ling Zhi look like
*not completely red*

fresh and ripe Ling Zhi

giant Tongkat Ali

Ling Zhi's products for sell

We ended our trip by stopping by at the Lover's Jetty. No seafood dinner as we need to rush back home. My fault la.. I need to work at night. Sorry!!

~my siblings~

married couple for 30 years =)

Some useful information to share with you all.

1. Map to get there

2. Map of Tanjung Sepat interesting places


單眼皮男孩 said...

wawawawawawa i oso wan laksa!!!!!!
~~>_<~~ no more oredi right?

how long from kl to tanjung sepat?
i oso wan to go

MooNkitty said...

Yalor, Habis liao lor... How can keep it for you. Slurpp~~~

From my house, Kajang approximately 45mins to reach Bagan Lalang. Then to Tanjung Sepat I'm not sure cause we stop one by one places.
Come la we plan again the trip to Tanjung Sepat cause I didn't have the seafood that day and visit the Dragonfruit farm.

single eyelid said...

ok let us plan now~ better choose sunday ok?

MooNkitty said...

sure. Let me see my working schedule... after raya maybe??

MooNkitty said...
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