Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unforgettable 2009 BOE Team Building

I still remember last year I have a great time during 2008 BOE Team Building at Penang. That was the first time Team Building in BOE department. =)

2008 BOE Team Building at Penang

And this year 2009 BOE Team Building will be held on the second weekend of August 8th - 10th in Port Dickson, Selesa Resort. Kinda lost my mood to go after heard so many staff had cancel their participant at the last minute due to H1N1.

The day before....

I went to Sg. Wang looking for Masquarade mask as the theme of the dinner night was "Masquarade Night"
. Boring Miss Pipo follow me as well to keep me company. She got nothing to do as her UNI has been closed down due to H1N1. And as a treat, we went to Subway to utilize the free coupon that I got from Treasure Hunt Prize.

Brand new Subway at Sg. Wang

Free two regular Subway Six Inch

My Italian BMT


Miss Pipo Turkey Breast

first bite expression

My masquerade mask that cost me RM16.80. Cheap huh??

and tested before the actual Masquerade Night
*without make up*

My bad luck. During my first day Team Building after tea time, I'm having pain in my stomach and it feels like my intestines are being stabbed and squeezed on my right and left sides. After check in into the room, I went to the toilet in and out often to defecate which I guess more than 50 times. Add on with puking. Yuck!!

My roommate Raveen and her fiancee, Veerinder helped to get some medicine and 100plus from the groceries shop. Thanks guys!! But it doesn't work as I still visit the toilet frequently and making me feel faint and uneasy due to loss of huge amount of water.
The worse part, I missed the "Masquerade Night dinner" and lying unconsciously in the room alone. Raveen, sorry for leaving you alone. =(

After the dinner, Mr. Batman come to visit me to check out how is my situation. And helped me to take one of my picture wearing the masquerade mask since I didn't turn up for the dinner. He say for remembrance wor. -_____-''


Till midnight my situation getting worse and lucky YCGallery was attending his friend's baby full moon dinner at Port Dickson that night. He send me back home safely and I went to visit doctor straight away. Doctor confirmed I have been suffering from FOOD POISONING.

Having food poisoning is the absolute WORST!


單眼皮男孩 said...

walao... food poisoning!! apa lu makan? this time u sure kurus 2-3kg lagi la..

MooNkitty said...

Selesa Resort breakfast, lunch and tea time. T________T