Friday, August 14, 2009

Waiting So Long =)

*Damn* I just got back from night shift. I need sleep badly and some construction that going on directly below my apartment is so annoying. Imagine non stop jackhammers and drilling since I reached home till now. T____________T

Anyway doesn't matter as my parent will coming to KL tomorrow to attend my brother's convocation. Miss them so much. I didn't see them for more than half year already. Bought a new mattress for them since they complain that my mattress is too soft before. I send mms to my dad right after the new mattress delivered to my door step.

new mattress

And he replied me this =)

and send mms message to me too. So sweet!!

my mom with her "happy sign"

Since the annoying sound is still there I want to go out to buy air conditioner for them as well. =)
I want to spend quality time with my parent during their 10days visit here.


And today is Tony Wong's Birthday. Happy Birthday to you Big Man, my sien tao friend!! May all your dream come true and kaya raya cepat cepat. Enjoy your special day with your loved one and friends.

Happy Birthday Dude!!

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