Thursday, August 6, 2009

Manchester United Asia Tour 2009 in Malaysia

8 years I been waiting for this moment. As we all know, Manchester United had set their feet on Malaysia only once before which in 2001, almost 8 years ago. That time I still at Sarawak struggling hard for my STPM.

I got a free ticket to the match from Supersport Channel Manager, Kak Atol. And I will be going to the match with my colleagues, Riverbird (converted MU fan) and Miss Pipo. Riverbird and Miss Pipo reached there two hours before the match to avoid jammed. And Miss Pipo smsed me when she arrived there, a lot were already queuing up at the entrances to get the best seat. Where am I that time?? Damn~~ I still at studio working for Hockey live matches.

In the studio

18 July 2009, It's a match day where Malaysia XI will play Manchester United and I'm going to see it LIVE. Yippie!!! Right after my work, I walked to Bkt Jalil National Stadium from ASTRO together with Fido.

3.30PM: traffic already jammed

Little Ujang, Ujang & Sham waiting for us while cuci'ing mata

crowds outside the stadium

I'm not going to review the match but just enjoy the pictures I have taken using my SONY T-Album & my mobile phone Nokia E71.

strictly inspection by Labrador retriever
*sniff sniff *

The weather is damn hot
Creative Miss Pipo to protect her from the sun

*Cam-whoring around*

Misspipo and Moonkitty

Riverbird (Arsenal fan) and Moonkitty

My special jersey, souvenir from YCGallery

Performance from school band

Finally this is what we waiting for....

*Warning* Sorry ya cause all the player in the pictures look tiny tiny.. digital camera only

Atmosphere at Bkt Jalil Stadium

Both teams come out to warm themselves up

Kick-off time at 5.30pm

See the stand at the back?? Amazing Sea of Red

Corner kick by Nani

second goal by Nani during 27th minute

Clapping happily while the guy at my back cam-whoring alone :P

Miss Pipo get crazy when Macheda come out doing stretches
*zoom til maximum liao la*

The match ended at 7.40pm & MU won 3-2
*Proud with Amri Yahya, the scorer for 2 goals that night*

Memorable evening 18 July 2009 at Bkt Jalil National Stadium

Although a bit disappointed I got no chance to see Cristiano Ronaldo. But thank you Manchester United for coming to Malaysia and You make my dream come true.

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