Monday, August 10, 2009

Top 10 ASTRO Treasure Hunt 2009

I have been working with ASTRO for almost 6 years and I never join any Treasure Hunt that organize by Kreatif Club before. Finally this year I decided to join and we formed a Presentation Director group named "Green Day" which trying to match with the theme for this year Treasure Hunt "Goes Green"

1st August 2009, reached ASTRO at 7am while the other team members already arrived (paiseh paiseh to be late) and having breakfast that provided at the parking lot.

Green Day Team members

Free breakfast provided

We will go hunting with He-Sham new Exora. The start order is followed first come first go. And we are car number 10 from the front :)

Exora yang kacak

Car stickers that have to stick both side on passenger & driver's door

Gather together outside ASTRO lobby for final briefing.

spotted Azryl and Choo (our pakatan)

Moonkitty in Green

Everyone also in green & matching some more :P

Exora MPV is spacious to put our
door gifts, treasure bag and luggage

Total number of cars hunting: 87 cars

Let the hunting begin....

Foofoo the capable navigator

Time that we start our hunting

We have to complete 30 questions, 4 treasure questions and reach Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Lumut in 7 hours and 30 minutes. Although clue was given in the question but it's too tricky. Cracking our head all the way looking for the answer. Stop, walk, drive, stop, walk keep repeating all the way... then we started to call, sms, and surf to find the answer. Hahahaha

Tricky questions

Surfing for the answer

self captured while He-Sham still driving
Lagi hebat than F1 driver

finally we reached LUMUT

We managed to complete all the questions and reached Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Lumut in 22nd-place.

But this is not the final result as we need to complete another 2 task, Rock Climbing and Kayaking which carry another 20 marks. And I been chosen to complete the rock climbing because of my size. -____-''. More worse, I need to climb up and go down within one minute. Thanks GOD. I managed to complete the task and add another 10 marks to my team.

seriously, I'm nervous

am I look like Monkey *___*

Another 10 marks when He-Sham and Foofoo managed to complete the kayaking task within 5 minutes.

really hebat.. completed one round within 3 minutes only

finally check-in into our room
get ready for Retro dinner

suspense.. this not view from my room
*view from lobby

We are extremely punctual and reached the ballroom on time. But no one is there yet. So we lingering around the hotel and taking pictures.

Hungry Moonkitty

Foofoo say the background look like poster

ambiance inside the ballroom

The party begin~~

Din - Azryl - Choo

Moonkitty - Din - Azryl - Choo

He-Sham - Zarfano - Foofoo - Moonkitty

There is a session where the organizer announce the answers. Out from 30 questions our team managed to get 21 questions correctly. But so sad with the treasure questions as we only got 1 question correct out of 4 questions. This year the prize will be given for top 10 only. We are so surprise when our team was announced as TOP 10. All of us shout happily and went up to the stage to get received our prizes.

yeah top 10 among 87 teams

Happy Moonkitty

Zarfano carry our prizes

nonstop cam-whoring with our prizes

our prizes

Have a nice sleep through all the night ZZzzZZZzzZZZzz until the next morning.

Good Morning!!

Nice view

Relaxing at the beach after breakfast

My ex-colleagues Linda & Jannah

On the way back to KL, we drop by Kellie's castle, located near Batu Gajah

Kellie's castle has been shrouded in mystery

A bear hugging a tree that can be seen at Kellie's Castle

We went back straight to KL after that and reached around 4pm. I'm having a really good times with my teams. Thanks to He-Sham, Zarfano & Foofoo.


MiSS_PipO said...

takde gadis yg pakai disco juga?

MooNkitty said...

busy makan sbb kelaparan. Tak ada masa utk ambik gambar gadis yang pakai disco. But Gadis disco that night really happening!!

MiSS_PipO said...

yake? tam chiak. fuh, hebat akak i. setanding monyet panjat pokok kelapa

MooNkitty said...

skip lunch wei because nak complete treasure hunt. Berkat kita aktiviti memanjat kita masa kecil lagi di Kota Samarahan :)