Sunday, August 23, 2009

Graduation Day in UM & New Era College

Last two week Miss Pipo and I was at UM convocation attended Susie's graduation ceremony which is located in DTC (Dewan Tunku Canselor).

DTC Hall

A graduation gift from me

Susie was graduating from Faculty Of Built Environment majoring in Building Surveying with pointer 3.63. Let me make you bangga sikit. Happy???

Sushi with her gifts and flowers
*Notice the small sushi man?, that's the gift from Miss Pipo*

got thrown into the air

Best friend 4ever

Today is her birthday.
"Happy birthday lala saushi ping go sek"

Yesterday I attended my brother graduation day with my parent at New Era College.

Inside the auditorium hall

My brother completed his Diploma in Systems Administration. This explain why he wearing the graduation gown without graduation cap.

Long Ge in his graduation gown

with my parents inside the auditorium

A graduation flower from us

receiving his Diploma certificate

Awarded with Top student certificate :)

Moonkitty & Long Ge

I spotted something different in between UM and New Era College convocation ceremony.

While UM having the convocation ceremony freely outside with the crowded, New Era College is strictly concerns about the H1N1 and public policy. Everyone who entering the auditorium will be measuring body temperature and urge to wear mask.

Sticker will be stick on your cloth to prove that you are healthy

inside auditorium, everyone is wearing mask

including us

New Era College backbone also wearing mask on the stage

Graduates walk in with mask
*This was the first time I seen this =)*

Conclusion, everywhere I turn, I will see peoples wearing masks. Scary huh?? Overall it's a peaceful convocation ceremony.

But at UM

crowded with peoples and handmade banners for the graduates seems like fans are waiting for their celebrity. Hardly spotted anyone who wearing mask.

Juniors with special handmade banners

and graduates being thrown in the air to pluck it's branches and leaves
It's a tradition :)

Susie & Steven from both UM and New Era College, CONGRATULATIONS!!

3 comments: said...

Lalala.... thanks for come.... i know tht day very hot and u ppl came from so far. very happy.... thanks also for the gifts from both of u. 3.63 not bangga la. should be sad but nvm la. now experience is more important than result. lalala....

Last but not least, thanks to misspipo and moonkitty, Congrats also to Ah di!

MooNkitty said...

lalalala... congrats to you also ya for getting a good job with high salary at big company.

Meira-Lung said...

1st i want to say
thank you my parents
support me all the way
i also want to thank
my sister
iaitu Yang Amat Berhormat Cik Moonkitty
support me accommodation and bring me to KL and give me chance to learn more thing
and thank you Miss Pipo
support laundry and cleaning
i am graduated!