Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Look-ALike Twin

Most of the peoples say us look-alike during school time. I still remember when our Physic teacher, Cikgu Zurhana come and asked me " Do u have twin sister in the next class?" I knew who he mentioning about. Must be Louise. We appeared in The Star newspaper before for the Double A twin competition. And my Dad also almost recognize wrong person in town and thought Louise was me.

16 years ago.... how our friendship started ya?? It bloomed in primary school. I used to wait for my dad to pick me up from school at the bus stop opposite St. Anthony School. And Louise also always wait for the bus to Kim San Road at this bus stop. From here I get to know Louise for the first time and we turn to become best friend after that. Our friendship getting closer when we enter our secondary level in the same class. =)

Bus stop opposite St. Anthony

Our friendship never stop blooming and we have been together for so long......

(1998) Trip to Kuching after SPM
* She so tiny beside me*

At Genting, Justin's concert

During Annie Wong's wedding dinner

Her birthday, if not wrong 21 years old :P
*Louise, correct if I'm wrong*

And today is her birthday. "Happy Birthday to you". Instead of counting candles or tallying the years, I'm wishing you another year of laughter, joy, fun, love and happiness.

We went to Cafe de Boss to celebrate her birthday last night. Poor girl. She only finished work at 11pm.

The shop is going to close before 12midnight. We went up to her house for birthday cake cutting.

Moonkitty, Louise & Annie Wong

Happy Mama Louise with Prince Yao

Again... Happy Birthday to you from the bottom of my heart. Have lots of birthday fun and may your birthday wishes all come true.


Anonymous said...

finally i know how to post the blogs.. haha.. my bday on 21st?? errmm..cant recall as well.. haha.. thanks anyway.. such a creative gal..

MooNkitty said...

Louise, I think so it's ur 21st birthday.. count the candles :P