Friday, August 7, 2009

Malaysia vs Manchester United Rematch

I was already very satisfied to be there watching Manchester United play against Malaysia XI last Saturday. Never thought they will play a second match against Malaysia XI due to the bombing incident that happened in Jakarta, Indonesia. A rematch with Malaysia is scheduled to be played on Monday 20 July 2009.

I got 2 complimentary ticket to the match from Supersport Channel and managed to give one of the ticket to my cousin, Single eyelid boy.

By the way, thanks to YCGallery for borrowing his baby to me. I hope I can capture better pictures this time with DSLR camera but too bad as I arrived late and unable to grab a better seat.

Normally this will happened when waiting for people to gather together and travel in one car.

while waiting for Fido & Shelly

While waiting for Ujang

Moonkitty with Shelly plus baby

We arrived around 7.30pm and compare to first match, I can see that it's quite quiet on the second match. No jammed and no queuing at the entrance. I won't say much about the match and here comes pictures that taken by me using Nikon D300.

Joon -Single eyelid boy - Moonkitty

Joon - Single eyelid boy- Moonkitty - Ujang - Shelly - Fido

It's really hot and Single eyelid boy keep on sweating

There's a stairs where I sit for the best shot

Sorry to leave u guys up there :X

As usual warm up session by both teams and this is my best shot after edited. Not so perfect but just enjoy!

Finally this is what we waiting for and kick-off time will be 8.45pm. Again my best shot after edited.

Both teams walking out of tunnel

FIFA fair play flag joining in

Moment of silence before kick-off in tribute for those who lost their lives in Jakarta bombing incident

waiting for the referee to blow his whistle

1st goal from Macheda in the 11th minutes

high five!!

Owen struck his 2nd goal in the 13th minutes

The goal scorer

Give me ten!!

half time result 2-0

Not full as the first match

Malaysia supporter

Enjoy the pictures that I took during the second half :)

Cutie Macheda

Goodbye wave from Malaysia team
Well done!!

Malaysia XI lost to Manchester United 2-0 in rematch game. Overall I enjoy so much and couldn't believe how lucky am I after watching my favorite team in action for the second time.

*Slapped myself few times*


single eyelid said...

wahhhh my face so gemuk.. oh no!!
diet diet diet

MooNkitty said...

diet?? haha nola. Jomlah.. we go jalan jalan cari makan. wanna follow me to banting?

single eyelid said...

bila nak pergi? banting jus next to kajang?

MooNkitty said...

around 45 minutes. Got one nice chinese restaurant offer a nice food. I jus got no chance n time to go there and try. We plan one weekend. OK?