Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love Across The Straits

Again the same thing happen to me. Supposedly I got my RDO (Rest Day Off) today but last minute I have to go back to work for another live charity event tonight. WATV will air the live charity show from Beijing, China to collect donation for Typhoon Morakot victims. Again I disappointed my parent by canceling the plan for today.

Help from China people to Taiwanese
" Wo men shi yi jia ren"

I didn't spend much time with my parent as what I promised to myself. All leave application need to be cancel and no RDO at all. Do everything also rushing. Didn't do much thing for them except fixed an air conditioner for them and helped my mom to prepare the first dinner =(

I'm failed to be a good daughter!!!

New air conditioner

helping during the dinner

During working time, I failed to control my emotion when footage from live event showed a women in tears that her family had plunged into a river when a flash food swept away their house, family's house collapsed in heavy rains and winds and a footage of rescuers that died after a military helicopter crashed while on a search and rescue mission. My tears fall down uncontrollable.

*quickly wipe it off before anyone see it*

Hahaha... Anyway we managed to cam whoring during the live event to cheers us back. All is Wai Leng idea. :P

Cam whoring with Bee Yong

Moonkitty - Wai Leng - Bee Yong

Event over run for 30 minutes and I reached home at 1am. My mom keep the dinner for me. Sure she waiting for me to come back for the late dinner. It's 1am in the morning and now I'm having my dinner alone. Everyone is sleeping now. I never have chance to bring them out for the dinner as I have to work every evening til late night. But tomorrow I can have a dinner with them cause I'm going to finish work at 1400hrs. Hope no last minute changes again =)

My mom home cook

Mumm...mummm... continue eating my dinner alone in the early morning.

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Cat Cat said...

Ah... miss my mom homecooked dinner so much. I'm hungry.