Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wilber Pan, World Vision Ambassador

6 August 2009, My brother got us tickets for Wilber Pan "Meet The Fan Session" at New Era College. I'm going there with Miss Pipo by bike and reached there at 7pm. At first we thought we are late as my brother told us the event will start at 7pm. But when we reached there, the event will start at 8pm instead of 7pm. So we waited for him at the canteen to meet up with us.

~kanasai betul him~

Miss Pipo give her pissed off face
*B4 that, she was speeding with her kapchai after thought we are late for the event*

My brother showed up his face at 7.30pm and we had a drink at canteen before heading to the event.

Wilber 2009 album "WILL P@N 007"

Outside the auditorium area, there were a lot of Wilber Pan's Malaysia Fan Club fans wearing orange colour t-shirt. CDs also selling at the counter at RM38.00, special price for student.

We managed to get a nice seat just behind the Wilber Pan's fans. World Vision video were playing all over and over again before the arrival of Wilber Pan.

Moonkitty with Long Ge

FYI, Wilber Pan WeiBo is the Ambassador for World Vision Taiwan. Hmmmm...that's really sweet of Wilber. Its so nice how he help out these children in third world countries and some of the profits from his new album will go to the sponsorship.

Want to share with you all, a message from Wilber.

Hi, Beloved Friends,

Many children in third world countries are unable to attend school... because there aren't any roofs on their classrooms. There aren't any desks or chairs, either. There isn't enough food in their homes; neither do they have access to enough clean water. The state of their environment and surroundings is even more lacking: it's extremely unsanitary. These all affect the development, growth, and health of the children.

These less fortunate children need our concern and our care. They need us to be friends with them, to help them obtain the most basic requirements of survival and living and the opportunity to develop.

Give a gift to an underprivileged child-- either in Taiwan or abroad-- because of you, they can have a different life and a "chance"!

A Luggage Stuffed With Love,
Wilber Pan WeiBo

For more information, please visit Wilber's page here and enjoy the MV as well =)

Enjoy the MV " Qin Ai De"

Emcee for the event, Zheng Wei Kang

Finally Wilber turned up around 9.30pm with his first song "Shuang Ren Wu" and please enjoy my best shot for that night =)

Wilber's dancers

Game session with fans

Then the second song, "Wu Zhong Li".

And last song, "Summer 09"

Ended the Meet The Fan session with all the fans can went up to the stage to wish him and shake hand. He just hurt his little finger and wont be able to sign for the new album. But small sticker will be stick on the CD's cover as a replacement.

Miss Pipo on the stage

All the pictures are taken with YCGallery Nikon D300. As usual, I returned his camera with empty battery. Fully utilize. Sorry (@___@)


blubbieMs said...

wahhh.. ur photos are really nice.. so angry at myself for being so stupid.. i video recorded all his singing and then only realize in the end I didnt press the video record! Wilbur so handsome and funny yah?? =)

MooNkitty said...

Ya. Good humor and good looking as well. I got all the song cause my sis recorded all of it. If you wan, i can give you.

blubbieMs said...

Really? Can you? I give you my email.. =) I would really appreciate that.. I already have the Wo Ai Ni, Ni Ai Wo song... =) hehehehe just the others that he sang. *sigh* I wish we could relive that night again! hahahahahhahaha