Monday, July 13, 2009

How milk can prevent stress????

After buffet lunch we still have 4 hours left before leaving to airport. We decided to drop by Mah Boon Krong (MBK) one of the biggest malls in Asia. Plan to use Boiyoke Hotel free shuttle van but at the end we are late and the van is full. After bargaining with tuk tuk driver, we reached our destination with 80baht....

Few rounds up and down... I found out shopping at MBK is not my taste. Feel so stressed after couldn't get anything nice for myself and start to "Fat lan Cha". Suddenly found out this restaurant which claim can release stress and make you happy...


Milk Plus entrance

peaceful ambiance

fresh milk for sale

and varieties of bread

Boing... boing...boing.... my heart start to jumping around and ask Riverbird to give it a try :)

we ordered khaya & double chocolate toasts

Ice chocolate and coffee

After few sips and bites....look at our face!!

from so menyampah

to no more stress :)

blur blur look

finally stress relief

Thanks to you MOoMoOoOo

The only thing that I bought from MBK is chaplang speaker for my Ipod for 500baht with free Thai plug :)

Although I don't like the hot weather at Bangkok plus I forgot to bring my sunblock but it is still the best place for holiday for me. I heart Bangkok!!! Thanks to Riverbird for being such a good travel partner....and when is our next trip again??? :)


riverbird said...

thx 2 b with me all the time n thx for planning such a nice trip for us,i did enjoyed with u:) hope the next trip will be soon on:)

MooNkitty said...

jakarta? yeah yeah!!