Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Sabai Sabai"

Reason I like Bangkok :)
  • Cocktail buckets for 350baht
  • long hour massage service for 200baht
After dinner cruise, we turned up on Khao Shan Road again to have a body massage and cocktail buckets.

To relax, we went for a oil body massage at this massage shop called "Massage Home".

friendly staff

"Massage Home"
open daily from 10am till midnight

offer reasonable promotion

at the entrance

Body oil massage 1 hour for 200 baht

clean and comfortable

refreshment after the massage

Riverbird just woke up from sleep...
enjoy so much huh???

After massage, we found out drinking in Khao Shan Road was also interesting. Bars are just chairs and tables set up along the side of the road. Everyone are sitting at a roadside and all bars serving ridiculous cheap cocktails. We discovered "buckets" of cocktails and wish to give it a try.

Bars street
where tourists roam the streets with drinks in hand

everyone are sitting at a roadside
enjoying cocktail buckets

cocktails for 80baht
phew~~ that cheap!!

Mai Tai

Rum + Orange Curacao + Old Pascas +Lemon Juice +
Grenadine Red +Pineapple Juice +Orange juice syrup

reminded me of sandcastle buckets
during my childhood time

serve it up with many straws and
I'm sharing with Riverbird
-_-'' end up
I 'm the one who almost finish it.

some bottles performance from kids

We enjoying the night by watching scruffy backpackers and fashionable locals trailed down the streets.

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