Friday, July 31, 2009


Sometimes I wish I have like 30 hours in a day instead of just 24hours. What about you guys??

Wake up early in the morning because I need to attend Censorship Training at 9am. When I reached the guard house, the guard still stopping me and took my temperature. I'm just wondering if the H1N1 thing is really worth being afraid about still? I don't really hear it on TV anymore but maybe once or two times every week.

"36.6 degrees celsius, Madam". Ideal body temperature and he let me go. While walking through Media Library entrance I almost step on something. It's a snail. So long I didn't see this kind of snail since I'm moving to KL. Suddenly remind me one of Kampus Astro promo.

My child once asked me "Mom, which animal has the most teeth?"
I found the answer in the documentary
It's Snails.

I just know about it when I saw the promo. =)

The training ended at 12pm and my supervisor giving me and Fido a weird task to complete and we have to pass to her by tomorrow. WTH. Do you hear that??? Tomorrow!!! She want us to compile all the footages that content kissing, naked, sexual and bed scene, pointing middle finger and technical faulty into a cd. Luckily we managed to get helped from Zul, NPU editor for all the uncensored footages. Thanks alot to him. Now I need to go back home and look for all the naked and pointing middle finger photos. "Tak ada footages... gambar still pun jadilah..." hope to compile everything, edit and burn into the CD as soon as possible. Reached home at 3.30pm and start to google all the photos. This is what I got. Cute hor??

*source from Google*

Try to compile and edit everything. But failed. Keep trying. Just realize I just reformat my laptop and haven't install lots of software. It's already 5.30pm and I have to ask help from Fido. Smsed him and I will pass all the compilation to him and he will do the editing and burn it into the CD. Meet him at Mamak nearby my house at 6pm. I need to replace him for early morning football match. Need to be in by 11pm and work until 5am. I'm going collapse. T_______T

But luckily I got a multimedia message from my Dad that cheer up my day :) Finally he knew how to send MMS lol..

During working time, I found this thing placing in the middle entrance to the lobby. When I walked near to it, oh... it's Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Station. Astro is taking extra actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Station

Just open your palms and receive sufficient sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective

some useful info

how to use Alcohol Hand Sanitizing

Such a tiring day for me. But when thinking I'm going to ASTRO Treasure Hunt 2009 this coming weekend at Swiss-Garden Damai Laut Lumut, tiredness gone in minutes. :)

Retro Party? I got no time to think or prepare what to wear for the party. =(

Dig .. dig... and dig... I found this dress that similar to Retro costume.

I guess this will do, maybe??

Arghh... just have fun la. Have a great weekend =)


單眼皮男孩 said...

y ur supervisor need the naked and pointing middle finger photos?

MooNkitty said...

We need it for our job. Quite complicated. I will explain to you when u decide when want to belanja me Japanese food