Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad has passed away :(

Sad Day...

I love "Sepet" movie which was accorded The Best Film Award and The Best Original Screenplay Award at The Malaysian Film Festival 2005. That was the first Malay movie I watched at GSC Midvalley cinema with Manzerk, Alief and Wahida 5 years ago. Such a wonderful movie that touched my heart as well as my soul.

Film Director Yasmin Ahmad collapsed during a meeting at TV3 Sri Pentas on Thursday, 23 July due to a stroke and was rushed to the hospital and undergoes brain surgery.

At 11:25pm Saturday, 25 July, Yasmin Ahmad passed away at Damansara Specialist Hospital. I am really shocked when I got to know the news from AWANI channel around 2am. I'm in Pres Suite that time and was preparing for the Golf live event. Stunned there for a minute and speechless.

I wish to extend my condolences to the entire Yasmin Ahmad family for their loss.

Rest In Peace Yasmin Ahmad

Thank you for your wonderful movies.

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