Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Well Soon, my dear Kenari

It's been 2 months 10days. Well my poor Kenari still in the Lee Foot Sang workshop since the accident.

I bought my first car "Kenari" in 19 July 2004, yeah... 5 years ago. And I still love driving in it.

Younger Moonkitty with new born Kenari :)

Went to visit my car at workshop last week and so sad to see the condition of my beloved car. I feel so sorry for my car. The worker told me they need sometimes to fix my car and I wont be able to get my car by 15 August. T__________T

Poor Kenari still in the workshop

I'm in deep shit. My parent will come to KL to attend my brother convocation and they didn't know anything about the accident. How I'm going to explain to them and what they reaction when saw the cutie Kancil I'm using now. Fuh~~~ headache!!

And I went to renew my car insurance and road tax last week without my car. *Sigh* When I can stick the new road tax to my windscreen??

*I definitely missing my car.*

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