Thursday, July 16, 2009

1 Day to the Reds

As we all know, Manchester United will come to Malaysia for Asia Tour 2009 this 18 July 2009.

As a Manchester United fan, definately I won't miss out the match.

Hardly to believe that YCGallery bought me a Manchester United jersey from London with my name printed on it. And he managed to pass me the jersey 4 days before the match so that I can wear it to the match on that day. Thank you very muchie!!!

When YCGallery ask me what number I want to be print on the jersey, I'm choosing number "14" because that is my date of birth. (kononlah my lucky number). But at the end, he choose his lucky number "8" as they are out of stock for number "1" T______________T

As we all know, Anderson wears jersey number 8 for Manchester United. Although he is not my favorite player but surprisingly his date of birth is almost same as mine. Anderson was born on 13 April and mine on 14 April. :)

Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira
source from manutdpics

This time I only got 1 free ticket RM68 from my department. No training pass for me this time.Quite disappointed this time I couldn't enjoy my favorite team doing their training session before the match. :(

Thanks Kak Atol for the ticket :)

And I bought tickets for the match last minute through online and kinda regret didn't bought it earlier. Cause if I purchase earlier during Presale from 22nd - 31st May 2009, I can get free training pass. Only left RM58 tickets as all the ticket prices sold out. Nak tak nak terpaksa grab juga.

Online tickets for RM58 free seating

and Ashley is showing off her training pass

She got training pass for free when she purchase the ticket

And I'm so jealous!!!!!


Anyway see you guys on 18th July at 5.30pm at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Glory Glory Man United,
Glory Glory Man United,

Glory Glory Man United As The Reds Go Marching
Up Up Up!!!!


single-eyelid said...

i don hav chance to go :(
if i got ticket oso cannot go... no more annual leave...

MooNkitty said...

Aiyo... U working on Saturday? Come on la... RM58 the only ticket available... but sure that day jammed like a hell!!!!

單眼皮男孩 said...

cannot go le.. my parents in kl now, hav to acc them~ u enjoy ya

MooNkitty said...

Another 2nd friendly match on this 20th July, 8.40pm kick off time. If got time and chance try to go and feel the match. U will know the different!!!!