Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Purr-fect Seremban short trip

Headed down to Seremban town with YCGallery for BBQ crabs. We planned to eat Seremban grilled crabs a long time ago. As what YCGallery told me, Seremban has always been famous for its BBQ crabs. *wink*

Seremban Town

Finally we reached our destination, "Kedai Makan Seremban". Highly recommended by YCGallery.

Kedai Makan Seremban

Smile of the day :)

We ordered 3 dishes without rice. Lala soup,1kg Tomyam crabs,1kg Grilled crabs. 2kg crabs for 2 person. I know i'm pelahap when come to makan. -_____-''

Special sauce

Lala Soup

Tomyam crabs

Grilled crabs

And the crabs were amazingly fresh and the meat taste sweet and juicy.

need best techniques for eating them

enjoyable process. Bon appetite!

my habit every time after finish the drink

playing around with YCGallery Nikon D300

*all photos are took with Nikon D300 too*

I guess we are the best partner when come to eating crab part. Cause YcGallery love to eat the body of the crabs and I love to eat the claws and legs :)

For more information about the shop location pls visit:

YcGallery brought me to buy baked crispy bun, Seremban famous "siew pau" as well. We stopped by "Warong Seremban Siew Pau" at Jalan Rasah. For original siew pau, we can choose between pork or chicken filing.

fresh baked "siew pau"

Continue with our trip. We went to search for beef noodles in Seremban Town which apparently quite famous.

Finally we reached the shop, Seremban Beef Noodles " Yee Kee"

Both of us are still full so we just ordered one bowl of their mixed beef soup.

refreshing Ribena Lemon

mixed beef soup

We went back to KL after this. Although it's just a short trip but it's was an awesome trip :)

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