Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chatuchak or Jatuchak?? Whateverlah...

It's saturday morning and we are going to Chatuchak weekend market. Some called it "Chatuchak" and some called it "Jatuchak"... anyway it's still the same " The most famous weekend market in Bangkok" for shopper's and a great place for bargain hunting.

Jatuchak Plaza


Chatuchak market?

Chatuchak is located at the last skytrain station "Mo Chit". We decide to take the skytrain from Phaya Thai ( the nearest skytrain to Boiyoke Boutique) which is the best and fastest way to get there.

from N2 Phaya Thai to
N8 Mo Chit

from Phaya Thai Station
10 minutes from Boiyoke Boutique Hotel

to Mo Chit Station

Then walked around 5 minutes from Mo Chit station and here we are "Chatuchak Weekend Market" Fuiyo!! Damn crowded and hot!!!!!!!!!!

*Selected photos that attract my attention

wood furniture

Thailand wood carving

wood household

i love this so much!!!

antique collection

naked poster

pugs (remind me my Stitch)

puppies for sell

*special bags collection*

sweet dessert to cool us down

"same same" T-shirt

clock tower


voodoo dolls key chains

*non-halal photos*

braised trotters

Tang Sri Christopher favourite :)

Roasted pork

cafe with lots of kids hand drawing

street performance

Johnny Depp??

Police on wheels

funny t - shirt

Cute boxer with Dino cartoon

Lunch time!! We spotted this restaurant called " Toh-Plue".

I like the lamps

nice ambiance


Its so hot and I'm melting

Mango with Sticky rice

Deep Fried Fish Cakes

Stewed Beef Noodles Soup

I didn't shop a lot at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Weather is too hot. Only managed to grab this few things

small pouch 3 for 50baht

Make up bag 100baht Handbag 199baht

such a lovely T-shirt for 85baht

Chatuchak Weekend Market open every Saturday and Sunday from 0900hrs - 1800hrs.
Go early in the day because Chatuchak always gets very hot and humid during the day.

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