Thursday, July 2, 2009

State Tower Skybar @The Dome Bangkok

After dealing with Riverbird that if he accompanies me to the moon (Skybar) I will accompany him to the river (Dinner Cruise). FYI, Riverbird have Fear of High Open Places phobia (Aeroacrophobia).

We are going to The Dome, a famous Skybar in Bangkok. Opened in the winter of 2003 and it is located on 64th floor of the State Tower in Bangkok (the second tallest building in Bangkok).

My black old dress
bought it 14 years ago :P

Warning!! They have dress code policy and won’t let you in with slippers, sneakers or shorts. I'm wearing a simple black dress and Riverbird is wearing Topman long sleeves shirt with jean.The best time to go is late evening before sunset and we managed to reach there just in time to witness the sun setting behind the magnificent Chao Phraya River.

Take the elevator up to the 64th floor

Finally we reached on top of The Dome at State Tower, 64th floors above the hectic streets of Bangkok. The rooftop bar boasts 360 degree views of the Bangkok city in every direction, as far as the eye can see.

Good Evening Bangkok!!!

I heard the food is expensive and we just order a cocktails and stand around the bar for its view and wind. The waiter and waitress are friendly and polite.

tidbits (they refill for us for FOC)

Cocktail menu

warm towel

with evening breeze and breathtaking view

relaxing on the sofa

while waiting for our cocktails

our cocktails
100 baht including service charge and tax

Over The Top

The combination of Dow's White Port,

Creme de Cassis, grapefruit and lime
unusual usual

Cloud 64
A kiss of strawberries and coconut,
make with Tequila, strawberry liqueur,

pineapple juice and coconut puree

shaken until perfect


stunning view of Bangkok and
Chao Phraya River

We are not allowed to take photo from the staircase looking down at the bar. According to one of the waiter, they afraid the flash from the camera will disturbing their guests during dinner. But they allowed us to take photos from the bar itself.

Prominent architecture
golden crown

Then we walked down to the open Skybar also voted as "one of the world's highest bars". The oval-shaped bar just out over the edge of the building with barely a barrier to separate the imbibers from the street some 800ft below.

Oval-shaped bar on the top of State Tower

view from Skybar

I took his so cool picture...

then he took my picture -____-''

actually not bad la.

Before we could hanging around longer there was a thunderstorm and we can see the lightening flashing on the horizon. Less than 5 minutes, rain started to pour. T____________T

sitting at the bar counter while
waiting rain to stop

watching the bartender make a drink
with a shaker

errr... no comment -___-''

Finally the rain stop :)

The light of the city are glittering

The oval-shaped Skybar will
keep changing the color

The wind is so strong after the rain

Gosh!!! my hair.

Beware girls, tied up your hair before come here

It's definitely one of the cooler places I have been to. No wonder everyone is saying "It’s one of the most unique places in Bangkok, if not in the whole world".

Skybar is a walk in venue. There is no need to reserve a seat.

Open daily from 6.00pm - 01.00am
How to go there: Just tell the taxi driver " Please drive me to Lebua at State Tower 1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok.
Tel:02 2624 9999

After the drinks, we went back to Pratunam for dinner.

The Curry Pot Indian
Restaurant but they served Thai food also

Menu with varieties of Indian food

The restaurant just beside
Boiyoke Boutique Hotel

Iced lemon tea


seafood tomyam

sour and spicy seafood soup without coconut milk

Fried Morning Glory (water cress)
with chili garlic

Fried rice with crab meat

After filling up our tummies, we went to Boiyoke Sky rooftop, the tallest building in Bangkok and have great views of the city, especially at night. Remember to go after 10.30pm cause there no more charge for the entrance fee. Boiyoke Sky also has open air-revolving observation deck but closed at 10.30pm. I 'm going to blog about Boiyoke Sky revolving view point in another post.

Boiyoke Sky (the tallest hotel in Bangkok)

83 floor to the roof top

84th floor:
revolving roof deck but closed at 10.30pm

Roof Top bar and music

bad traffic jammed

Bangkok city at night

Massage time!! Went for 1 hour Thai massage for 200 baht only. Bye!!!

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