Wednesday, July 15, 2009

am still not too i??

As all of us may have known, last month last last last Sunday which was 21st June 2009…was Father Day.

I smsed my dad while waiting to fly back home from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. Wanted to post this entry earlier but Bangkok has limited internet access. So I keep delay this blog post.

This is what I smsed my DaD on Father's Day.

Moonkitty: Happy Father's Day my beloved dad. Love you always...

but he didn't reply to my sms.

2 days later......

I smsed him again.

Moonkitty: Dad, did you get my sms that day?

Guess what he replied me?

He got my sms and show off to me he got new 3G hand phone. And I got to know the reason why he didn't reply my sms that day from my eldest sister, Amy. He still not familiar using his new hand phone and my sister help him to read out the sms that I send to him. Muahahahahaha.....

Then I replied back his sms.

Moonkitty: Have you try the 3G with your new hand phone?

His replied.

Walau eh... my dad improved a lot in sms short form.

He know how to use
"4" for "for" and "2" for "to". Impress ler...

Anyway.... Happy Father's Day, Dad. Sorry, I didn't buy expensive gift for you and hope you will like the Father's Day card that you received one week earlier before the actual day.

Thanks for taking care my mom :)

Thanks for raising me up

Thanks for being such a good Dad!!

Thanks for everything!!!

"I love you Dad"

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single-eyelid said...

"yes i got 3g hp"

hahha so cute ur dad..