Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HaPPy BiRthdaY mY SoULmATe

Surprise!!! But I guess no more surprise as we bumped into msn today -________-''
Anyway just pretend to be surprise ya...

Purposely don't want to wish you after midnight.... purposely pretend to forget your birthday and wanna give u a big surprise by write this blog for you.

Happy birthday my love, my soul mate, my buddy and my baby... :P

Our 9 years friendship.... Since our first meet at year 2001, during UKM orientation week. I still remember I dropped my wallet and u found it. Then we become close friend and share everything. Washing our clothes together in the bathroom, having supper at mamak together, going to lecture together, ponteng lecture bersama, having ikan bilis with rice together during our poor time, and many more. Really miss those moments!!

Hey Ling Ling, this is our first birthday together, 8 July 2001

before graduate (during my industrial training)
-_-'' Pls ignore my lala hair

during our convocation 2004

Redang beach vacation

during my housewarming 2006

during 2009 Chinese New Year

Our Bali trip 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear Ling Ling,

I never get to celebrate your birthday with you because we are always separated by our personal life and distance ( between Kajang & Klang) T__________T

Anyway we have been apart now and although we don't talk nearly everyday but we are always best friend forever. We have been through a lot together through good times and bad, but you always stuck by me sometimes you were all I had.You have done a lot for me and I have done some for you. All those times you felt sad I was there to pull you through. Not only are you helpful, a laugh you always bring even though it's usually stupidity, it's all the same thing. We have really come far in this relationship that we made. You mean a lot to me my friend. I hope our friendship doesn't fade.

Have a great 29th birthday without me... T________T sob sob sob....

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