Friday, July 10, 2009

Revolving View Point on the 84th Floor Boiyoke Sky Hotel

Our last day in Thailand. We planned to enjoy 50% on the buffet lunch at Boiyoke Sky Hotel that located at 76th floor.

After checked out from Boiyoke Boutique, we walked to Boiyoke Sky Hotel and proceeded to the lobby that located on the 18th floor. Once we walked out from the lift, we greeted by the friendly staff and brought us to the reservation counter.

The lunch buffet was priced at 400baht after 50% discount inclusive of free admission to the Observation Deck on the 77th floor and Revolving View Point on the 84th floor. Anyway, the admission to the Observation Deck and Revolving tower cost 200baht per person if you do not want to dine in any of it's restaurant. (Will blog about Observation Deck and lunch buffet in another post).

After paid for our lunch buffet, we went up straight to the Roof Top on the 83th floor the way to Revolving View point first since it's still one hour early for our lunch buffet.

at Roof Top on the 83th floor

We are going up to revolving roof deck on the 84th floor. Thailand's first and only challenging open air 360-degree revolving view point located on the highest tower in Thailand and the tallest hotel in the world. :)

Stairs to Revolving Roof Deck

greeted by ALIEN at the entrance

Up there, it was covered up with the fenced. The floor was spinning at quite fast speed. The wind was blowing strongly and I feel great up there. The revolving roof deck take about 5 minutes to do a complete rotation.


some info how far Boiyoke Sky from Malaysia

view of Bangkok's expressways from Revolving Deck

view of Bangkok's Victory Monument from Revolving Deck

view of Bangkok's skyscraper from Revolving Deck

Revolving roof deck was fantastic and it's was a wonderful experience for me because this was my first experience I have been to the tallest building....but excluded Riverbird. He have been to The Oriental Pearl Tower, a TV tower in Shanghai, the tallest tower in Asia and third tallest in the world. -__________-''

the best ride moonkitty have ever had on a revolving deck
p/s: noticed Riverbird said "start"??
just ignore it :P

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