Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strawberry Joke

Last week, I have been conned by Ashley during tuition class.

She always come out with weird questions or jokes during my tuition class. Cheerful girl just like "Happy Pistachio nuts" (Kai xin guo)....
totally different with her eldest sister, Sandra. (more serious)

While I'm busy marking her sister composition, suddenly she asked me something:

Ashley: Do you think I can make you say "Strawberry"

Without thinking twice, I straight answer her....not even looking at her face. :P

Me: No

Ashley: What fruit is red?

Me: Apple

Ashley: What fruit is green?

Me: Apple

Ashley: What fruit has stripes?

I turn my head up looking and her and start to think what kind of fruit has stripes.

Me: err...watermelon

Ashley: You just said it!!!! (Damn loud her voice, ok!!)

me again...without thinking

Me: I thought you said strawberry not watermelon?

Ashley: You just said it!!! Hahahahahaha.....

They both burst out into a loud chorus of laughter

Me: Oh you naughty girl!

Ashley: I was joking you know....

and she laughs again.

P/S: Who wants to be my first victim?

Anyway Miss Pipo & Riverbird already kena!!! Hahaha :P

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