Friday, July 10, 2009

Princess For The Day

It's been 9 long years friendship....

Moonkitty & Jane

I still remember, the first time I met you.
Our friendship blossomed, like a rose and suddenly became very close. Since then we are the best of friends. I understood the meaning of true friendship, when I met you. I still remembered how we met in our hostel and you become the best roommate I ever had.

our first pic in front our hostel "Kolej Dato Onn"

The only thing that makes us different are....

You are tall (170cm) & I'm short (153cm)
I stand on my tiptoe in this pic -_-''

You have a fair skin & I'm have a dark skin
I used a lot whitening skincare product than her -_-''

You are soft spoken lady and I'm damn kasar type

You are more clever than me
You are in science Faculty (majoring in chemistry)
and I'm from Art Faculty

You have twin sister and I'm don't have

You maintain slim figure after working life and
I'm getting chubby -_-''

But i know all this differences doesn't make a gap for us. Trust and support mutually rely, lesson learned we did apply. Looking back makes me smile cause you are always displayed plenty of style.

Lee Swang, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and fulfilling birthday celebration with your loved one.


Lynn Oon said...

Swang Happy Belated Brithday to You! May all your wish come true and God Bless you!

Lynn Oon said...

Wa...what a wonderful blog recalled back our Univeristy life. I still remember very clear the sound of hostel, picture of lectural hall and our friends. Everything is like happend yesterday.
My life most valuable friendship is met you Annie Kong and Swang! I love you all! How can i let you all go from my life? Hope we will keep our relation until forever! Even we far from distance but our heart really close!(i can feel it). ^ ^

MooNkitty said...

wow... so touching ur words dear... Beware ya... i wont let you go from my life... eeee geli!!!