Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Outbreak

Don't know what is going on with me... HELP!!!

  • Wake up at 2.30pm today and Miss Pipo asked me to accompany her to Al-Ikhsan to buy her futsal accesories.* You better win the match and get back home with RM10000*
  • Miss Pipo been craving for "Ikan Pari Bakar" Kopitiam which just next to Al-Ikhsan, Metropoint Kajang. So we go for lunch there.
  • I ordered set meal "Nasi Petai Seafood"
  • After filled up our stomach, we decided to stop by a video shop.
  • Less than 10mins, I had a stomach ache and had to go back immediately.
  • Goddammit... the journey back home seem like so long and my butt ache come too fast :(
  • Spend around 20 minutes in the toilet to spread out everything... Not enough with the diarrhea, I start to vomit everything out too!! YUCK~~ *repeating for few times until I got nothing to spread out or vomit out"
  • When I come out, Miss Pipo dengan selambanya ask " You vomit ka??" -______-'' and asked my help to take her picture wearing her new futsal jersey.
  • Lost all my energy and immediately turn weak. Lying down on my bed and fall asleep after that.
  • Wake up at 7:00pm and prepare to go for tuition. Stomach still feel uncomfortable. Luckily Ashley is there to cheer me up with her lame jokes. *conned me with the strawberry joke*
  • Thought want to stop by OUG night market after tuition but food poisoning symptons seem force me to go back home. * again going to miss my dinner*
  • Reached home safely and throw out again... I wonder what I ate!
  • Feeling down and unhappy :(
  • OK!! It's time to take my medicine and force myself to shut off my eyes.
  • Good night!

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